Ashrae`s gruppe mod epidemiske sygdomme har udgivet et nyt sæt af anbefalinger. Det er professor William Bahnfleth, der har stået i spidsen for arbejdet.

Og når det er William Bahnfleth, så er det kvalitet.

Dagens VVS kan anbefale direkte kontakt til Ashrae.

Nedenfor følger – på engelsk- hvad Ashrae skriver om indhold:

Specific recommendations include the following:

  • Public Health Guidance
    • Follow all regulatory and statutory requirements and recommendations.
  • Ventilation, Filtration, Air Cleaning
    • Outdoor airflow rates guidance for ventilation as specified by applicable codes and standards.
    • Recommendations on filters and air cleaners that achieve MERV 13 or better levels of performance.
    • Air cleaners usage.
    • Control options that provide desired exposure reduction while minimizing associated energy penalties.
    • Air Distribution
    • Promote the mixing of space air.
  • HVAC System Operation
    • Maintain temperature and humidity design set points.
    • Maintain equivalent clean air supply required for design occupancy.
    • Operate systems for a time required to achieve three air changes of equivalent clean air supply.
    • Limit re-entry of contaminated air.
  • System Commissioning
    • Verify that HVAC systems are functioning as designed.